April Birthstone - DiamondDiamond is the best-known gem. They were traded in India as early as four centuries before the birth of Christ. Indian superstitions about diamond spread throughout the world, including the belief that gems have a life. Plato believed that diamond had the noblest life among gems.

Diamond was also considered a strong medicine. It was believed that the powder of flawless white diamonds would bring health, energy and a long life if swallowed. Flawed diamonds were believed to have the opposite effect. Diamonds were believed to repell phantoms, demons and prevent nightmares, as well as protecting the wearer in battle.

Diamond is the hardest known substance and has long been regarded as a symbol of wealth and power.

The most common colors are white or colorless, generally with a tinge of yellow or gray. Fancies, which are colored stones, are rare. Fancy colors include golden-yellow, blue green, pink, and amber. Green and blue are among the more rare colors, although occasionally pink and violet diamonds are found.

After all these years, diamonds are still a girl’s best friend.