December Birthstone - Blue TopazBlue is becoming increasingly popular, partially due to the popularity of aquamarine, as blue topaz is often used as a substitute. Most blue topaz is pale, but some of it can be turned a deep color by irradiation with gamma rays. It was discovered in the 13th century on Marco Polo’s voyages.

The Greeks thought the topaz had more curative powers than any other stone. It was thought to be closely connected to the cycles of the moon as well as being a good gem to enhance the properties of other minerals. Blue topaz was believed to be a stone of communication that helps the wearers verbalize their thoughts and an aid to sweetness of disposition.

Topaz is very hard so it is great for different types of jewelry. Some of the fine blue and greenish crystals come from the Ural Mountains in Russia and these are avidly sought by collectors.

Match the sparkle in her eye, with blue topaz jewelry.