June Birthstone - PearlIt is thought that pearls were known 3,500 years before Christ. It is the only gem to retain such a high level of value and desirability for such a long period of time.

Saltwater mollusks are the most important producers of pearls currently. One in 40 mollusks contains a pearl. Pearls are found in the Persian Gulf, Sri Lanka, Australia, Japan, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, and Tahiti. There are also freshwater pearls in other locations. Freshwater pearls typically have strong colors. The leading producer of cultured pearls is Japan.

Pearl shapes are classified as round, pear shaped, egg shaped, drop shaped, baroque shaped (all irregular shapes except other named shapes), half-pearls (half of a round pearl), three-quarters pearls (three-fourths round with a flat side), seed pearls (unsymmetrical and very small), and blister pearls (attached to side of shell).

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