October Birthstone - OpalOpal has been called the Queen of Gems. The ancient Romans had a passion for fine opals but the esteem of the opal decreased around the 17th century. This attitude may have been due in part to a novel by Sir Walter Scott where the opal was mentioned as a hard luck stone. Opal is one of the softer gems.

Opals have been ground up and used to heal the body as well as ward off bad dreams. Black opals were used to encourage safe journeys when traveling to far lands and protect one from the evil eye.

One type of opal is white opal, which is opaque. The colors in white opal will appear as flashes, speckles or sheets of rainbow colors. Black opal has similar effects but the body color is dark gray or black. Black opals are extremely rare. Fire opal is transparent with an orange or red body color. It may or may not display fire.

As the queen of gems, opal is a beautiful gift for the queen of your heart.