Custom Jewelry Making Auburn CA  | Step-1

Step 1: Drawing of Design.

Step 1:

This creation started with the Pink Tourmaline that would become the center stone of this piece. Russ did a series of sketches all focusing on the Pink Tourmaline center stone. The design was chosen. From the sketch Russ hand carved the wax just as the finished ring would look.

Custom Jewelry Making Auburn CA | Step 2: Wax Mock Up

Step 2: Wax Mock Up

Step 2:

This image shows what the ring looks like after it is carved in wax. The flowers on the sides were all hand carved and will be created from a different color metals in the finished piece, thus the different colored wax in the carving. The Pink Tourmaline is set into the wax to ensure that is will set perfectly into the finished piece.

Custom Jewelry Making Auburn CA | Step-3: The Casting

Step-3: The Casting

Step 3:

The next step is to make a mold of the wax carving. The mold is then used to cast the piece. This ring is created from fourteen karat rose gold flower accents. The rough appearance of the ring in this image is due to the fact that none of the finish work or polishing has been done yet.

Custom Jewelry Making Auburn CA | Step-4: The Setting

Step-4: The Setting

Step 4

This image shows the ring with the side diamonds set into their channels and some of the polishing completed.

Custom Jewelry Making Auburn CA | Step 5

Step 5: The Completed Piece

Step 5:

This image shows the completed ring. With all the stones set and the final polishing completed this is a beautiful custom creation.

Once again, Roper’s Jewelers’ Master Goldsmith, Russell Thurman, has designed and created a one of a kind neckpiece for the Faith And Fantasy Ball. In keeping with this year’s theme: Midnight In Marakesh, Russell chose to create a 14 karat yellow gold pendant that is reminiscent of smoke from a genie’s lamp. The pendant is set with moonstone and lapis lazuli with a diamond accent and it floats on a 14 karat yellow gold snake chain.
Retail Value $2,100.00

Custom Jewelry Necklace Making Auburn CA | Step 1: Sketch

Step 1: Sketch

Step 1:

All custom designs start with some kind of inspiration. The inspiration for this piece was derived from its purpose: it was destined to become am auction item for the Sutter Auburn Faith’s “Faith & Fantasy Ball”. The theme of the ball was Midnight in Marakesh. With that in mind, Russel Thurman, Master goldsmith, created this design based around this uniquely cut Lapis Lazuli stone. He created the color sketch as the first step.

Custom Jewelry Necklace Making Auburn CA | Completed Piece

Completed Piece

Step 2:

After cutting the wax to the specifications of his original drawing, Russ then cast the piece in fourteen karat yellow gold. He set the Lapis with Moonstone and Diamond accents, and did the final finishing and polishing. The end result was a beautiful custom designed and beautifully created pendant the evokes memories of Faith & Fanasy’s Midnight in Marakesh.

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